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Host: Sabrine Kasbaoui
Production: Gang Of Witches
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Gang Of Witches The Podcast
Every full moon the guests, artists and activists, tell how, day after day, they contribute to create the society they want to live in. Animated by egalitarian values, they build other ways of living, thinking and creating, each in their own way. With them, we will ask ourselves questions: what strategies of political resistance in what contexts? How can we move towards a circular economy? How to work towards a regenerative culture?

Episode #17 April 2021


Juliette Rousseau

On the occasion of this April full moon, known as the pink full moon, Sabrine Kasbaoui welcomes Juliette Rousseau, author, activist and journalist. Her book, Fighting Together: for new political complicities, published by Cambourakis in 2018, has just been released in paperback. At the microphone of Sabrine Kasbaoui, the author comes back on her journey as an activist, which allowed her to meet collectives struggling against the relationships of domination -related to class, gender, race or even physical and mental condition- at work in society, but also within these spaces of struggle. For more than a year, in the course of her activist affinities, from Paris to Jerusalem, passing through London and Tel Aviv, she went to discover forms of organization and solidarity allowing the creation of political complicities conscious of these crossed oppressions, what we also call: “intersectionality”.

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  • Sabrine Kasbaoui

    Journalist, filmmaker

    Born in 1983, Sabrine Kasbaoui studied History of Art at the Sorbonne where she obtained a Master II degree (Paris 1). She then turned towards journalism by following the CFJ training. Journalist Reporter d'Images, she covers news for national TV channels for more than 10 years. Specialising in the cultural sector, she was part of the editorial staff of the magazine "Entrée Libre" broadcast on France 5 for almost 7 years. Since 2018, she has been working on documentaries. She directed her first short film "Gang Of Witches" and joined the collective the same year. In 2019, she documents the liberation of women's speech on gynaecological violence and signs "La Reconquête". In a resolutely intersectional and eco-feminist dynamic, she hands the microphone to researchers, artists and activists to better envisage an ecological, economic and social transition.
    LA RECONQUÊTE - A film by Sabrine Kasbaoui
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    Juliet Drouar

    For this ninth episode, Valérie Mitteaux and Wendy Delorme welcome Juliet Drouar, therapist and trans feminist author. Juliet works for a model of social organization that is not based on domination, from class to class and from person to person.
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    Élise Bonnard and Marguerin Le Louvier

    Élise Bonnard and Marguerin Le Louvier are the guests of the eighth episode of the Gang Of Witches podcast. Literary duo known as "Cristal qui songe", they draw their inspiration from science fiction literature, from the great feminist authors or from gay authors.
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    Jeanne Burgart Goutal

    Jeanne Burgart Goutal is the guest of the seventh episode of the Gang Of Witches podcast. Jeanne Burgart Goutal is an author and researcher, associate professor of philosophy and yoga teacher. She has been researching eco-feminism for nearly ten years.
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    Ovidie is the guest of the sixth episode of the Gang Of Witches podcast. Film director, former porn movie actress, she directed feminist pornographic films and then directed an educational video program on sexuality for adults.
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