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Host:  Valérie Mitteaux and Wendy Delorme
Production: Gang Of Witches
Conception: Gang Of Witches
Editing: Valérie Mitteaux
Sound design: Gang Of Witches

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Gang Of Witches The Podcast
Welcome, witches, to the podcast of Gang Of Witches. Every full moon evening, you can discover a new episode of this monthly podcast, concocted by mixing ideas, and made to give strength. Because we want more and more witches in this endangered world. Witches to achieve equality between human beings, to stop the violence.
Episode #9 September 2020


Juliet Drouar

For this ninth episode, Valérie Mitteaux and Wendy Delorme welcome Juliet Drouar, therapist and trans feminist author. Juliet works for a model of social organization that is not based on domination, from class to class and from person to person. Juliets activity as a therapist finds its foundations in this path. Juliet is the founder of the festival “Sortir de l’hétérosexualité” (“Getting out of heterosexuality”), and the author of an explosive text published on their blog Mediapart last June, which highlights the other categories of people who are victims of sexism in the same way, but differently, as cisgender women, «Femme» n’est pas le principal sujet du féminisme (“Woman” isn’t the main subject of feminism). In this episode, Juliet talks about “sexized” people, and getting out of heterosexuality.

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    Élise Bonnard and Marguerin Le Louvier

    Élise Bonnard and Marguerin Le Louvier are the guests of the eighth episode of the Gang Of Witches podcast. Literary duo known as "Cristal qui songe", they draw their inspiration from science fiction literature, from the great feminist authors or from gay authors.
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    Jeanne Burgart Goutal

    Jeanne Burgart Goutal is the guest of the seventh episode of the Gang Of Witches podcast. Jeanne Burgart Goutal is an author and researcher, associate professor of philosophy and yoga teacher. She has been researching eco-feminism for nearly ten years.
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    Ovidie is the guest of the sixth episode of the Gang Of Witches podcast. Film director, former porn movie actress, she directed feminist pornographic films and then directed an educational video program on sexuality for adults.
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  • #5 THE END OF

    Sébastien Mabile

    Sebastian Mabile is a lawyer. He specializes in criminal and environmental law issues. He is the guest of Valérie Mitteaux and Wendy Delorme for this fifth episode of the Gang Of Witches podcast, recorded during the lockdown.
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The animators Season #1
  • Valérie Mitteaux

    Film director

    Valérie has directed several feature-length documentaries including "Girl or boy, my sex is not my gender", produced by Arte in 2011. Focusing on the search for new paradigms, human rights and the quest for more democracy, she co-directed the film "Dreamocracy" in 2013 with Raquel Freire, a Portuguese director, on an initiative of the Portuguese Citizen Academy. "8, avenue Lénine", a film co-directed with Anna Pitoun about 15 years of life of a Rom family in France, was released in 2018. Valérie is currently making a new film on the solutions available to women to get out of their submission, as well as a portrait of Marie de Gournay, Montaigne's daughter in law and an exceptional woman.

    Photography ©Vivien Bertin
    Valérie's website
  • Wendy Delorme

    Writer, teacher and performer

    Wendy is the author of novels and essays that deal with the political potential of bodies and sexualities, feminism and filiations. The most recent, "Le corps est une Chimère" (novel, ed. Au diable vauvert) was published in 2018, and received the Joseph Prize created the same year. In 2009, she co-produced the "Queer X Show" tour, an ephemeral group of feminist artists gathered for a European tour filmed for a documentary road movie directed by Emilie Jouvet ("Too much Pussy!", 2010). Since 2004 she has been teaching image semiology and enunciation theories at university. Her work focuses on media representations of sexual and gender minorities. Wendy is also a member of the RER Q author collective.

    Photography ©Daria Ivanova
    Wendy's website