Episode #25 December 2021


Capucine Lafait-Hémard

It’s the full moon dear witches! For the last episode of the year, Sabrine Kasbaoui welcomes Capucine Lafait-Hémard, artist, “passeuse-chanteuse”, voice explorer and coach in vocal maieutics. Together they discuss spontaneous singing (a technique that allows you to disconnect from your mind and be in your body), singing circles and vocal maieutics. You will also find Jeanne Burgart-Goutal’s Les pensées écoféministes, who will present the text Woman and Nature by the poet Susan Griffin. Also on the program: the luminous Lunar Saga by Stéphanie Lafranque aka la Tisanière Tatouée. Enjoy your listening, and may this last full moon be sweet to you!

Attention, our guest shared with us the story of the abortion she underwent a few years ago, if you do not wish to listen to it you can skip the passage from 24:08 to 26:36.

The opinions expressed in this episode do not necessarily reflect those of the Gang Of Witches management.

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Episode #25

01:22 – Capucine talks about her career path and transition, how she writes and composes and how she discovered spontaneous singing.

12:40 – What is a spontaneous singing circle?

21:46 – How has singing helped our guest to heal certain wounds? She also tells us how she accompanies wounded bodies and voices on a daily basis in the singing circles she leads.

29:24 – The ecofeminist thoughts of Jeanne Burgart Goutal.

40:33 – Capucine looks back on the journey of exploring her voice.

47:14 – The lunar saga of Stéphanie Lafranque aka La Tisanière Tatouée.

52:32 – What is vocal maieutics? The singer also tells us about her interventions in hospitals in intensive care and palliative care.

1:04:53 – Our guest shares with us what the figure of the witch means to her.

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in the episode #25

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La voix de l’invisible, contes et chants du chaman intérieur: Capucine Lafait-Hémard and Anne-Laure Cabosse, published by Trèdaniel, coming out in March 2022.

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Guest: Capucine Lafait-Hémard
Animation: Sabrine Kasbaoui
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Editing: L’Arrière Boutique
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Photography: Jordan Thomas
Branding: Vivien Bertin

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“We recommend the podcasts of Gang of Witches, a free and concerned community, federating all the reflections on our society where the witch is of course a figure of resistance.”

Extract from the article from Sylvia Jorif for VOGUE
29th of October 2021

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