Episode V - July 2022


Émilie Charton

On the occasion of the July Super Moon, Paola Hivelin and Sophie Rokh continue their initiatory journey through the Tarot. This month, it is the arcane of the Pope that is in the spotlight. The hosts welcome Émilie Charton, astrologer and astrology teacher. The guest will talk about the history of the discipline, its different currents and a few ways to understand your life path according to your natal chart. In this episode, you will find the Lunar Saga of Stéphanie Lafranque, aka La Tisanière Tatouée, the initiatory Herbalism of Marilyn Brentegani, Just The Good News Please, by Jo Youle and Lance-Roquette, the anti-speciesist column of Mangeuse d’herbe.

This month’s episode marks the end of our podcast project, the end of a two and a half year cycle of deconstructions, and the beginning of a new adventure. The episodes remain available on your favorite platforms. Have a good listen and thanks for your loyalty.

Have a great summer, Witches. And above all, take care of yourself! Ciao.

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Readings by Paola Hivelin and Sophie Rokh

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Where to find the work of Émilie Charton?


Astro Intuitive on YouTube


Guest: Émilie Charton
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Extract from the article from Sylvia Jorif for VOGUE
29th of October 2021

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