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2019 edition Patriarchy is burning

GANG OF WITCHES, an artistic, feminist and environmental gang, presented its festival, “Patriarchy is Burning”, on the next 15th and 16th of June. As the third chapter of a series initiated in 2017, this event consists this year of a multidisciplinary festival that will take place at YOYO in Palais de Tokyo and will put forward live performance.

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2018 edition Venus’ Revolution

In this second edition, dedicated to Venus, GANG OF WITCHES celebrates a powerful and unique femininity, liberated from biological sex. The gang also deals with the limits of the capitalist and patriarchal structure of our societies and the environmental emergency.

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2017 edition Objectif Lune

First episode of a nine years cycle, this edition, placed under the aegis of the Moon, lays the foundation of this project with ecofeminist values. The Moon is associated with the feminine archetype and the subconscious, with what’s hidden. The first circle is drawn, it’s now time to go on the other side of the mirror.

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Gang Of Witches —
Patriarchy is burning

After a debut title in 2018, “We are Gang Of Witches”, the musical section of GANG OF WITCHES, with Sophie Rokh (MC Chaton), Paola Hivelin (W) and Son Of A Pitch (SOAP), presents their first 8 tracks album at the gang’s yearly event, on the 15th of June 2019.

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Gang Of Witches -
Annual Edition 2020

The Gaia Rising edition is only available for free reading and downloading on our website. We now wish to minimize our CO2 impact and explore other forms, de-materialized, playful and free, to share our arts and values.

Language: French
Publication date: 20 June 2020
Format: Digital
Number of pages: 188 pages
Price: Free

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The Podcast

Gang Of Witches

Every night of the full moon, the guests, the columnists and the artists of the gang tell how, day after day, they contribute to create the society in which they want to live. Driven by egalitarian values, they build other ways of living, thinking and creating, each in their own way.

Host: Sophie Rokh & Paola Hivelin
Production: Gang Of Witches
Conception: Gang Of Witches
Editing: L’Arrière Boutique
Sound design: Gang Of Witches
Branding: Vivien Bertin

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Ibiza Podcast

Gang Of Witches

Revolutionary witches, international and/or Ibicencas speak to the British journalist Jo Youle. With the guests, the hostess explores different ways of using ecofeminist thinking to respond to the challenges facing the island and accelerate its transition towards a regenerative culture.

Host: Jo Youle
Production: Gang Of Witches
Conception: Gang Of Witches, Jo Youle
Editing: Reset Rebel Productions
Sound design: Gang Of Witches
Branding: Vivien Bertin

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