Episode #22 September 2021


Marine Calmet

On this eve of the equinox, Sabrine Kasbaoui welcomes Marine Calmet, lawyer, environmental lawyer, activist and co-founder in 2019 of the Wild Legal School. She is also the author of “Devenir gardiens de la nature – Manifeste pour la défense du vivant, des générations futures et la reconnaissance du crime d’écocide en droit” (April 2021). The guest talks to our host about her commitment to the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, as well as the importance of recognising the crime of ecocide. She also discusses the notion of the symbiocene. In addition, this month, Alexandra Fournier and Marjorie Delle-Case propose a reading of an extract from Émilie Hache’s book “Ecologie politique – Communauté, Cosmos, Milieux. Finally, Anaïs Jullien of Censored Magazine will present the work of artist Tabita Rezaire in her Blue Bed column. Enjoy your listening!

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Episode #22

01:30 – What is the symbiocene and how should we learn from indigenous peoples?

09:13 – Marine Calmet looks back on her journey and her commitment, and what the encounters she made during her trip to Guyana have changed.

18:30 – What can we say about decolonial ecology? Intimate deconstruction and self-questioning.

26:47 – “Seeking the Witch“, by Marjorie Delle-Case and Alexandra Fournier.

35:59 – Our guest talks about her relationship to ecofeminism.

40:51 – Indigenous peoples are real examples of how to protect the environment and their cultures, our guest looks back at some of the highlights of their struggles, such as the Río Atrato in Colombia.

47:30 –  What is the Universal Declaration of Mother Earth’s Rights?

51:50 – Blue bed, Censored Magazine column, Anaïs Jullien.

55:51 –  The Amazon forest, a place of clash of civilizations.

01:01:26 – The challenge of getting the crime of ecocide recognised and the High Authority to planetary limits, a new ministry of creative disobedience.

01:27:22 – Why did you create the Wild Legal School?

01:13:27 – Marine Calmet gives us her perception of the archetype of the witch.

References cited
in the episode #22

Marine Calmet: Lawyer by training, jurist in environmental and indigenous peoples’ law, spokesperson in France for the “Or de question” (“no way”) collective opposed to the “Montagne d’or” (“mountain of gold”) project and the mining industry in French Guiana – activist for the recognition of the rights of Nature and the respect of the rights of the first peoples in the world.

Wild Legal school: ​​Wild Legal is an experimental and interactive legal programme where students, experts and citizens collaborate for the Rights of Nature.

Devenir gardiens de la nature – Manifeste pour la défense du vivant, des générations futures et la reconnaissance du crime d’écocide en droit: Marine Calmet, Tana edition, 2021. (“Becoming Guardians of Nature – Manifesto for the defence of life, future generations and the recognition of the crime of ecocide in law”)

Les émotions de la Terre: Glenn Albrecht, Les Liens qui Libèrent, 2020 (“Earth emotions”)

Anthropocene: An epoch in the Earth’s history that has been proposed to characterise the set of geological events that have occurred since human activities began to have a significant global impact on the Earth’s ecosystem.

Galileo: Italian physicist and astronomer.

Life of Galileo: Theatrical biography of the life of the physicist and astronomer Galileo.

Montagne d’Or project in French Guiana: A gold mining project in western French Guiana by Compagnie Minière Montagne d’Or, a joint venture between the Canadian junior company Columbus Gold, responsible for exploration, and the Russian company Nordgold, responsible for extraction.

Universal Declaration of Mother Earth’s Rights: Formulated at the World Conference of Peoples against Climate Change. Its proponents are calling for its adoption by the UN General Assembly.

High authority with global boundaries: Ensure proper implementation of the law and recognition of the crime of ecocide.

Ecologie politique – Communauté, Cosmos, Milieux: Émilie Hache, Amsterdam editions, 2012.

Tabita Rezaire: Contemporary artist, health-tech-political therapist, and kemetic and kundalini yoga teacher, French and Danish.


Guest: Marine Calmet
Animation: Sabrine Kasbaoui
Production: Gang Of Witches
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Press review

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“The artistic collective Gang Of Witches launches on January 10th a podcast that resembles it. Understand: eco-feminist, intensely sororalistic and revolutionary. One of its presenters tells us a few words about it. To your helmets.”

Extract from the article from Clément Arbrun for TERRAFEMINA
8th of january 2020

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