#6 SEXOLOGY Episode #6

Episode #6 June 2020



Ovidie is the guest of Valérie Mitteaux and Wendy Delorme for this sixth episode of the Gang Of Witches podcast, recorded well before the confinement.

Ovidie is a film director. A former porn movie actress, she directed feminist pornographic films and then directed an educational video program on sexuality for adults. Since the early 2010’s, she has directed various documentaries on sex work and sex workers and on sexuality in general, especially female sexuality. In her latest film, Tu enfanteras dans la douleur, released in 2019, she denounces obstetric violence and gives a voice to victims and health professionals. This exchange with Ovidie opens the reflection on our own relationship to the body, sexuality, the couple and the heterosexual society that we are suffering.

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Episode #6

(00.01.18) Ovidie introduces herself, tells us about the choice of her pseudonym and the story behind this name. She also goes back over her career.

(00.05.43) She talks about her beginnings as a director, and what made her want to make pornographic films. Our guest also tells us about the stigmatization of sex workers and the difficulty they have to get dressed.

(00.09.14) The director looks back at the tragic destinies of the author Nelly Arcan and the actress Karen Bach, as well as her militant struggle, notably through her book Porno Manifesto, to have the activities of sex workers recognized as work in their own right.

(00.15.18) Ad Vitam Æternam, the serialized novel of Sophie Rokh.

(00.17.43) Ovidie tells us about the importance of the video medium to give women a voice and the need to make feminist porn.

(00.23.17) Ovidie directed a program of educational videos on sexuality. She explains what inspired her and why she wanted to stop.

(00.29.05) Has the proliferation of injunctions made sexuality less emancipatory?
Do fashions and norms influence the sexuality of women and men and with what consequences?

(00.45.08) The Lunar Alphabet Book of Wendy Delorme.

(00.49.03) Are sex workers the witches of modern times?

(00.51.55) The toolbox: what advice to give to a young woman who is beginning to learn about sexuality.

(00.56.20) Ovidie has chosen to leave Paris to go and live in the South West of France. She goes back over the reasons for this choice.

(01.01.43) Ovidie tells us about her inner witch.

(01.06.02) Some advice to improve your sex life.

(01.13.04) Mitteaux’s Rant.

(01.19.19) Is it necessary to be in a couple to blossom?

(01.23.07) Ovidie talks about her film Tu enfanteras dans la douleur and the omnipresence of patriarchal culture in the practice of modern medicine. 

(01.28.18) Ovidie’s documentary Là où les putains n’existent pas tells the story of Eva Marree Kullander Smith and the hypocrisy of Swedish society.

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Projet Jasmine: Médecins du Monde’s programme to combat violence against sex workers.


Guest: Ovidie
Animation: Valérie Mitteaux and Wendy Delorme
Production: Gang Of Witches
Conception: Wendy Delorme, Valérie Mitteaux, Paola Hivelin, Sophie Rokh
Editing: Valérie Mitteaux
Sound illustration: Gang Of Witches
Musics: Louise Bertin and Victor Hugo – Opera “La Esmeralda” 1836 / Chaka Kan – EP Like sugar 2018 / Arnold Schönberg – “Le Pierrot Lunaire” 1912 / Moonchild – “Voyager” 2017 / Télépopmusic – “Breathe” 2008 & “L’incertitude d’Heisenberg” 2012 / Debussy – “Golliwogg’s Cake Walk” 1913 / Xanae Bove and Nicolas Duée – “The Late Bloomers” & “Privacy police (under control)” 2020
Mix: Thibault Delage, Adrien Becarria, L’Arrière Boutique
Photography: Christophe Crénel
Branding: Vivien Bertin

Press review

they say

“The artistic collective Gang Of Witches launches on January 10th a podcast that resembles it. Understand: eco-feminist, intensely sororalistic and revolutionary. One of its presenters tells us a few words about it. To your helmets.”

Extract from the article from Clément Arbrun for TERRAFEMINA
8th of january 2020

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