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Digital book only available for free reading and downloading on our site. We now wish to minimize our CO2 impact and explore other forms, dematerialized, playful and free, to share our arts and values.

Who we are Manifesto, members
Our artistic community, GANG OF WITCHES, was born in 2016. This multifaceted project is meant to grow during 9 consecutive years, each one being dedicated to a celestial body, cosmic and archetypal silver lining of this artistic adventure. Our major objective is to establish a protected space for reflection, exchange and creation, a bubble undisturbed by any productive constraints, rich in singular propositions, fertile, powerful, committed.
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What we do Events, music, books, podcasts

2019 Edition Patriarchy is burning

GANG OF WITCHES, an artistic, feminist and environmental gang, presented its festival, “Patriarchy is Burning”, on the next 15th and 16th of June. As the third chapter of a series initiated in 2017, this event consists this year of a multidisciplinary festival that will take place at YOYO in Palais de Tokyo and will put forward live performance.

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