Who we are

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Wake up
Time's up
Rise up

The project

Gang Of Witches, an artistic and ecofeminist UFO, was born in 2016. This variable geometry project aims to establish a safe space for creation, exchange, reflection and initiation, from which emerge singular, fertile, powerful and committed proposals.

The medias

We use different distribution media. The project has so far been totally self-produced. In two 3-year cycles, we have organized 3 events in Paris (2 multidisciplinary exhibitions and 1 "artivist" festival at the Palais de Tokyo), each accompanied by an exhibition catalog. We also produced our music album, Patriarchy is burning, and 50 episodes between our 2 ecofeminist podcasts (one in Paris and one in Ibiza, where Le Coven is located).

The witch

The image of the witch, learned, independent and powerful, often feared, sometimes mocked, always shrouded in mystery and master of her identity, is a marker of the place of women in society and the issues of each era. Since the 1960s, she has been a feminist, environmentalist and anti-capitalist icon, and the ideal symbol for our gang.

The artistic disciplines

As we meet, we collaborate with people from the visual arts, writing, dance and performance, music and journalism. They are, with rare exceptions, women or non-binary people. They nurture and grow the project in organic and often unexpected ways.

The angle

We stand at the border of the material and the spiritual, the visible and the invisible, the conscious and the unconscious, humor and revolt, resistance and resilience. We travel from one to the other, creating points of convergence, opening portals, questioning the workings of our patriarchal and anthropocentric societies.


Paola Hivelin & Sophie Rokh
Artists, founders of Gang Of Witches