Who we are

  • Artists
  • Agitators
  • Singulars

Wake up
Time's up
Rise up

The project

Our artistic community, GANG OF WITCHES, was born in 2016. This multifaceted project is meant to grow during 9 consecutive years, each one being dedicated to a celestial body, cosmic and archetypal silver lining of this artistic adventure. Our major objective is to establish a protected space for reflection, exchange and creation, a bubble undisturbed by any productive constraints, rich in singular propositions, fertile, powerful, committed.

The medias

We deploy autonomous and alternative means of diffusion, through the publication of books, the organization of events, the production of podcasts, and an eponymous music project. Their mission is to present our latest creations and other artists’, to share our battles, as well as thinkers’ and activists’ that are resonating with our philosophy, widening our circle every day.

The witch

Knowledgeable, independent and powerful, often feared, sometimes mocked, always with a halo of mystery, the witch is the master of her identity. Her image marks the place of women in society and the combats of each era. Since the 1960’s she is a feminist, ecologist, anti-capitalist icon, and the perfect symbol for our gang.

The artistic disciplines

We are painters, sculptors, writers, photographers, video artists, film makers, illustrators, musicians, dancers, performers.

The angle

Our gang of “good witches” is situated at the threshold of the material and spiritual sphere, of the visible and invisible, of the conscious and the unconscious mind, of humor and revolt, of resistance and resilience. We voyage from one to the other, creating points of convergence, opening portals, questioning the structure of our patriarchal and anthropocentric societies.


Paola Hivelin Plastic artist

Sophie Rokh Writer, musician

Vivien Bertin Photographer, designer

Vic Oh Painter, illustrator

Miikka Lommi Filmmaker

Amélie Poulain Dancer, choreographer

Julie Atlas Muz Performer

Jo Youle Journalist, reporter

Ciou Painter