Objectif Lune

  • Paola Hivelin
  • Lina Prokofieff
  • Sunny Buick
  • Sophie Rokh
  • Gaële Lagacherie
  • House Of Drama
  • Aude Halary
Objectif Lune 2017 Edition
GANG OF WITCHES invites us to share their exploration, through the prism of celestial bodies, of the world we live in and the perception we have of it.
First episode of a nine years cycle, this edition placed under the aegis of the Moon, lays the foundation of this project with ecofeminist values. The Moon is associated with the feminine archetype and the subconscious, with what’s hidden. The first circle is drawn, it’s now time to go on the other side of the mirror.

Opening and performances

Exhibition from the 9th to the 16th of June 2017
Atelier Basfroi
23, rue Basfroi – 75011 Paris

Opening filmed by Periscope Production

With: House Of Drama, Sophie Rokh & Aude Hallary, Paola Hivelin, Sunny Buick, Gaële Lagacherie, Lina Prokofieff, LaBaronneO.


“They wish to develop autonomous and alternative diffusion networks, in particular with the publication of an annual edition whose mission is to promote their creations as well as artists, researchers and thinkers whose works resonate with the collective.”

Extract from the article from Marie Plantin for Pariscope
7th of june 2017


Gang Of Witches —
“Objectif Lune”

Language: French
Release date: June 2017
Format: 21×28 cm
Number of pages: 91pages
Price: €80.00

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“Objectif Lune” is the first book from GANG OF WITCHES. This precious and numbered book navigates between myths, onirism, feminism, ecology, announcing the aesthetic and committed color and of the gang.

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Press review

they say

“With a baroque poetry full of fantasy and magic, the ladies from GANG OF WITCHES launched their manifesto and their exhibition in a very festive way! (…) A promising beginning for these young women who play around humorously with the archetype of the witch and want to reach for the moon.”

Extract from the article from Bénédicte Philippe for Télérama
14th of june 2017