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Host: Jo Youle
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Gang Of Witches Ibiza Podcast
Revolutionary witches, international and/or Ibicencas speak to the British journalist Jo Youle. With the guests, the hostess explores different ways of using ecofeminist thinking to respond to the challenges facing the island and accelerate its transition towards a regenerative culture.
Episode #8 July 2021


Gabrielle Gambina

In the last two years without the usual influx of tourism, other avenues of revenue and exploration are opening up and all eyes are on the land rather than the sea in the same way. New ideas are on the table, new regenerative agriculture projects are popping up and with them, a huge focus on how we produce our food, and how this could in turn become a way to positively impact the climate change crisis, but also take the power back from big corporations and keep our food sovereignty firmly at the forefront of what’s important.

Gabrielle Gambina, is the co-ordinator of Ibiza Produce she is also a chef, and an ayurvedic consultant and wishes is to bridge this gap between the food creators and local farmers and the restaurants that buy their produce. She talks to Jo Youle in today’s episode about how she feels the farmers are misunderstood and why she feels a solution was needed to smooth out the meeting of the two so they can support each other.

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The hostess Saison #1
  • Jo Youle

    Journaliste, reporter

    Jo Youle is a creative audio specialist in Ibiza, running podcasting courses and radio making workshops. As a freelance journalist, reporter and newsreader for the past 23 years, Jo has hosted everything from news and current affairs programmes and podcasts to her very own Saturday night dance music show called The Remix.

    As a music journalist in London for BBC 6 Music, Jo spent years in muddy fields reporting from festivals like Glastonbury and the red carpets of live events and award ceremonies, but since moving to Ibiza, she has focussed her attentions more on her personal passions and the wellness and ecology side of audio making, like her own show, The Reset Rebel.

    Photo ©Nigel Edgecombe
    Instagram @joannayoule
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    Jessica Dunlop

    Jo Youle talks to project leader, Jessica Dunlop, of Ibiza’s Land Bank in today’s episode about land stewardship and plans to pair up available and suitable land with those who wish to create their own farming projects so the regeneration of the famous red Ibizenco earth can commence on the island and this healing journey can begin.
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    Helena Norberg-Hodge

    This month World Localisation Day is back and we are celebrating with a special conversation and Bonus Episode with Helena Norberg-Hodge. We first caught up with the founder of Local Futures in episode #4 and heard how she champions the movement to galvanise worldwide localisation & enforce systemic change.
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    Marga Serra, Maria Torres, Inmaculada Montero González

    In the recent Netflix documentary, Seaspiracy, major claims were made about the world of industrialised fishing. Amongst them were that the sea would be empty by 2048 and that fishing is just not sustainable. Jo Youle meets fisherwomen and biologist to find out what is being done to create a sustainable source of fish and if it can exist when illegal fishing also lurks close by.
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  • #5 ECOCIDE

    Jojo Mehta

    Jo Youle talks to Jojo Mehta, co-founder and executive director of the Stop Ecocide campaign and examines whether the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court - that currently lists four crimes — be extended to include a 5th. That of Ecocide.
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