#24 THE ECONOMY OF CARE Episode #24

Episode #24 January 2023


Inès Castagnet, Jashana Kippert

As we head into a New Year surrounded by the narrative of an energy crisis and rises in the cost of living I wanted to focus an episode specifically on Regeneration. Especially with regards to money and how to create self sovereignty around regeneration, but also to look at what it means to live in an island community.

Jashana Kippert is an Eco Village veteran and also has an educational background in Anthropology and Environmental Science & set up the Ola Honua Agricultural Community in Hawaii. Today she joins us alongside Inès Castagnet, producer of a new island course coming to teach people on ibiza how to design an Eco Village and install a systems way of thinking that will allow us to live more sustainably.

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The course details are on the EDE website here.

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Guests: Jashana Kippert, Jashana Kippert
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