Episode #16 March 2021


Corine Sombrun

On this new full moon, our host, Sabrine Kasbaoui, welcomes Corine Sombrun, writer, ethnomusicist and specialist in Mongolian shamanism, trained in trance by Mongolian shamans. Together they discussed cognitive trance, a state of consciousness that allows one to connect with the living and the imperceptible and that pushes back the limits of science. Since her introduction to trance in the early 2000s, our guest has been trying to study this phenomenon and to work on its health benefits. Corine Sombrun also comes back on her initiatory journey and the moments she lived in the Mongolian steppe but also the doubts she had to face, torn by a practice that fascinates her but scares her at the same time.

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Episode #16

03:00 – How can we talk about shamanism in the plural and what have we learned about ecology from communities that practice shamanism?

15:55 – Corine Sombrun tells us about her journey and the discovery of her trance ability.

18:30 – Reading of an excerpt from the book Journal d’une apprentie chamane.

29:24 – Chercher la sorcière, sound creation by Marjorie Delle-Case and Alexandra Fournier.

33:54 – How can you trust ancestral knowledge when you have a Western education?

45:01 – The author tells us about her daily life with the Mongolian people and her journey of initiation.

01:02:00 – Khamsa, all the colours of feminine creation, a chronicle by Louise Thurin.

01:06:05 – Corine Sombrun looks back on her collaborations with international multidisciplinary artists.

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in the episode #16

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Beya Gille Gacha: French artist of Cameroonian origin.


Guest: Corine Sombrun
Animation: Sabrine Kasbaoui
Production: Gang Of Witches
Conception: Gang Of Witches, Sabrine Kasbaoui
Editing: L’Arrière Boutique
Sound design: Gang Of Witches
Musics: Gang Of Witches
Mix: Thibault Delage, Adrien Beccaria, L’Arrière Boutique
Photography: Arja Hyytiäinen
Branding: Vivien Bertin

Press review

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“The artistic collective Gang Of Witches launches on January 10th a podcast that resembles it. Understand: eco-feminist, intensely sororalistic and revolutionary. One of its presenters tells us a few words about it. To your helmets.”

Extract from the article from Clément Arbrun for TERRAFEMINA
8th of january 2020

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