Episode #6 mai 2021


Marga Serra, Maria Torres, Inmaculada Montero González

In the recent Netflix documentary, Seaspiracy, major claims were made about the world of industrialised fishing. Amongst them were that the sea would be empty by 2048 and that fishing is just not sustainable. We were told we should not eat fish. Since it came out back in March, many have disputed these facts and raised questions over how much of it stands up not just from a global perspective, but also locally. What about the complexities of fisheries that do have systems implemented that track certain species and make sure localities are not overfished? Does this work? How does it work and what does it look like in the Balearics specifically? Jo Youle got together with a Marine Biologist from local fish and seafood brand Peix Nostrum, The Marine Biologist of “The Leader” a local EU project to protect agriculture and fishing on the island and also a local Fisherwomen to find out what is being done to create a sustainable source of fish and if it can exist when illegal fishing also lurks close by.

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Guests: Marga Serra, Maria Torres,
Inmaculada Montero González
Animation: Jo Youle
Editorial: Joanna Hruby
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