Episode #16 avril 2022


Dr. Rola Hallam

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, many of us are struggling to cope in the face of what is internationally considered to be a war of aggression. It has not only triggered Europe’s largest refugee crisis since World War II, with over 3.8 million Ukrainians leaving the country and millions more being internally displaced, but many of us spectating from safety feel helpless and unable to stand by and watch. For this episode, on self care in times of war, we invited Rola Hallam, a doctor, humanitarian and human rights advocate saving children’s lives on the front lines in Syria to talk to us about her own experiences in the country she was born.  She is the first Syrian TED Fellow and founder of CanDo, a humanitarian organization that supports frontline health workers to save lives in their war-torn communities. In this conversation, we strive to find out what drives her to continue her work, but also to try to better understand how we can deal with the times we are in, what kind of self-care we can put in place and how to cope with such a heartbreaking event, which none of us have ever had to face… until now.

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Guest: Dr. Rola Hallam
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