#12 COP 26 - WAS IT A SUCCESS? Episode #12

Episode #12 décembre 2021


Dorothy Guerrero

The streets of Glasgow are now empty after the world’s leaders gathered there for COP 26 last month, but before the clock had struck noon on the day the UN climate talks closed, the Australian government had already said it would be ignoring one of its key outcomes. More than 190 nations came together at the summit & all of them signed a pact requesting countries “revisit and strengthen” their 2030 targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions at the COP 27 climate summit in Egypt next year. Just a few hours later, Scott Morrison – said its target to cut emissions by 26% to 28% by 2030, based on levels in 2005, was already fixed and that there will be no further revisions. Due a collective sigh of disbelief, which is one of many disappointing outcomes of the meetings held across 2 weeks last month. Here to help us unpack what COP 26 really meant & find some positives to take away Journalist Jo Youle is joined by the COP Coalition’s Dorothy Guerrero.

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